How Much Does PPC Campaign Management Services Cost?

For centuries, business owners have been aware that they must spend more money if they wish to make more money. As they accumulate experience in forming a profitable business, they understand this lesson in real time, especially the business owners of the contemporary age, with all the digital marketing tools knowledge, and swear by this mantra. 

The entire marketing and business industry rely on it, particularly when it comes to the PPC Marketing Services in the whole digital marketing set, and any business director knows the aspect pretty well that if they are painting their budget on PPC services, there is a pretty high possibility that they will make more profit on this expenditure. One Google report of the Year 2018 indicated that for every $1 USD spent on PPC services, businesses profit an average of $2 USD in return.

Typical PPC Service Pricing Structure in 2024!

Before experts answer the questions regarding the budgetary demand for hiring the PPC Campaign Management Services, it is essential to be aware of the numerous pricing structures that these marketing services utilize for billing.

Percentage of Pricing Spend on Advertisements…

Whenever the business owners are looking for facilities of PPC, they are going to possibly come across a ton of agencies utilizing the “% of spend” billing model. Under that model, agencies charge clients one predetermined percentage of their budget on the advertisements that the agency is assisting in marketing.

Percentage of the Pricing Spend on Advertisement + Management Fee…

The vast majority of the experienced marketing agencies will ask for one management expenditure to take care of the overheads associated with the PPC advertising campaigns it is taking care of on behalf of their clients. Just as in the 1st example, this billing model also utilizes the % of advertisement spend as their baseline, only in the presence of one extra fee.

Flat Charges Pricing…

Some PPC facilities are going to ask for one predetermined and flat charge as a follow-up of settling on one chance of work and evaluating the static expenditures associated with managing the PPC campaign of the client. Some businesses like following the straightforward method of this structure as long as the facilities and activities involved in this scope are properly defined. 

Performance-Driven Pricing…

On top of the 3 PPC pricing structures mentioned above, business owners can sometimes encounter the performance-driven pricing model. Under that model, the vast majority of the companies spend on lower-funnel activities such as demo requests, triple sign up, form conversation, calls, emails, and various other things similar to the ones that are mentioned here. 


Simply speaking, relying on the workload associated with handling one specific PPC campaign of a particular company, the marketing cost spans a quite wide array. Generally, the spend amount sums anything between $500 USD and $5000 USD per month and maybe, even more, depending on your business. What’s your budget?

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