Why is Chennai Super Kings Cricket Ltd the most popular and profitable?

Chennai Super Kings are CSK, the most popular IPL team, and they have the most profitable business model to show the continuous best results year after year. As proof of its popularity, yellow jersey sales are shooting up in Tamil Nadu, the home state, and worldwide. And with cool Dhoni as the captain from 2008 until now, leading the team to over five wins and five runner-ups makes it more widespread. Not only was his umbrella shot famous, but he was also the most successful captain of the Indian team to win the ICC Twenty20 in 2007, the World Cup in 2011 and the ICC Champions Trophy in 2013. Also, because of its best business model, it reported a 63% increase in PAT at Rs. 52 crore in FY 23, higher than its PAT of Rs. 32 crore. Hence

So, continue reading this blog until the end to learn about many other reasons for CSK to be the most popular IPL team and profitable business model to be the first unicorn sports enterprise for you to buy its unlisted share from the top online platform to get good returns. 

Why is CSK the most popular IPL team?

Like many other sports, cricket is unpredictable, as any team can win or lose irrespective of their skills, training and practice. But Dhoni leads CSK and has played in 11 playoff games out of 12, won the cup five times, and lost it in the finals five times. Irrespective of winning or losing, the yellow jersey on the stadium gives an electrifying experience to not only CSK fans but also all cricket lowers. It is because of having a balanced team that retains the captain for a long time, among many others as proof of CSK’s popularity is the record 32 million viewers of the 2023 IPL final, which Dhoni won in a thrilling finish. 

Why is Chennai Super Kings Ltd a profitable business model?

As per Forbes’ valuation in 2022, Chennai Super Kings has over one billion dollars in valuation to become a unicorn sports enterprise, the first of its kind in India. In September 2023, the board members of Chennai Super Kings Ltd approved the borrowing limit from Rs. 250 to 350 crores to fulfil its business expansion plans and meet all of its short – and long-term strategic objectives. A few of them include buying land with a building in Chennai worth over 70 crore rupees to set up state-of-the-art facilities to help sports personnel play at national and international standards. Also, the government should build stadiums in many districts of Tamil Nadu to encourage them to play in the TNPL or Tamil Nadu Premier League, which TNCC started with the CSK initiative. Also, buy sports teams worldwide like the Joburg Super Kings to develop cricket in many countries. With increasing sponsorships because of its popularity, stadium ticket sales, and other factors, Chennai Super Kings Ltd is the best business model in India. 

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